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Buying Toys for your little one

Toys are a very important part of any child's development. The very mention of the term brings a huge smile on the face of children and gives a flight to their imagination. All the kids wish to possess all toys that are available in the market!!

Toys are a biggest source of entertainment. However, over the years the purpose and objective behind the toys has undergone a drastic transformation. Toys have now transformed from just being a source of entertainment to becoming the source of edutainment. “Edutainment” refers to learning something while playing! That is, where education and entertainment go hand in hand.

Parents, these days, are on the lookout for toys that should serve the dual purpose of entertaining the kids while educating them.

At KinderCart, we understand the preferences of the learned parents and have taken an effort to provide good quality toys that will not only charm the kids with their designs and colors but will also educate and train them to use their mental faculties. The toys available at KinderCart will surely develop the mental and intellectual behavior among the kids and arouse their creative skills.

Before you buy the toys

Buying toys for the little ones gives as much pleasure to parents as it gives to the kids. The manufacturers and retailer across the world have understood the gravity of buying and possessing toys that they have been innovating and creating millions of toys catering to each and every age group, attitude and temperament of the children.
However, before you plan to surprise your kid with toys, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Age of the child: Always buy toys according to the age of the child. Buying toys that are meant for bigger age group will not serve the required purpose. 
  • Study and analyze kids’ behavior: Parents should observe and understand the behavioral patterns of their child. If the child is aggressive, submissive, subtle, active or sensitive, buy toys keeping these behavioral patterns in mind.
  • Safety and security of the child: The entire motive behind buying toys for your child is to make the child happy and help him play and at the same time, learn something from it. Avoid buying anything that may hurt the child and spoils your motive of making the child happy.

Range of Toys

At KinderCart, toys for infants and kids in the age group of 0 to 12 years are available. Here is the list of toys:

  • Toys for infants: Infants, those fall in the age group of 0 to 6 months usually like toys that amaze their senses of hearing, touching, seeing and tasting. The toys for infants usually include: rattles, musical toys, play gyms, cot mobiles, moving toys, tethers, walkers, rockers, bouncers, pacifiers and so on.
  • Toys for Toddlers: By the time kids start moving around, they want to touch and feel everything and usually explore new things. The toddlers falling in the age group of 6 to 12 months usually prefer playing with toys like balls, highchair toys, dolls, soft toys, bath toys, different shape toys, blocks, activity toys and so on. 
  • Toys for kids up to two years old: One to two year kids are full of energy and they start crawling, standing and walking during this time so the standard of toys also grow. The preferred toys for this age group include building blocks, board Games, musical toys, friction cars, bikes, tricycle, walkers, push along toys, ride-on-toys and so on. 
  • Toys for kids up to Four years old: By this time kids start going to school. Thus, along with entertainment the toys are also meant to be educative. During this period teaching, learning and play occur simultaneously. The toys include puzzles, blocks, games, outdoor toys, technology based toys like robots, musical instruments and so on. 
  • Toys for children above 4 years of age: Once the kid starts going to school the range of toys and games transform from playing to learning. The range of toys may include learning and educational blocks, video games, play stations, medical sets, sports based toys, swimming toys, musical instruments, sand toys, tool sets, dolls and doll homes, laptops, tablets, remote control cars, bikes and so on.  

Factors to consider while buying toys:

At KinderCart, we truly acknowledge and appreciate the enthusiasm and excitement among parents to buy toys for their sweet little bundles of joy. To help you make an informed and educative decision, we suggest you follow these things before you make a final call:

  • Explore and analyze the need of toys for your child: Before you buy any toys for your kid explore the range of toys available in the market for a particular age group. There is no point in buying toys for which your child is too young or too old.   
  • Read the labels on the packing: Always read the instruction and the manufacturing details of the toy. See if the material used for the manufacturing of toys is safe for the child especially in case of toddlers who are in habit of putting everything in their mouth.  
  • Buy toys that meet the standards set by agencies for quality: Some manufacturers use recycled plastic for the making of toys. Keep a strict watch on the quality of toys.
  • Do not buy toys that are too noisy: Avoid buying toys that make too much of nose. It may be dangerous for the kids’ ears and is a nuisance for elders as well.
  • Avoid buying sharp edged toys: Avoid buying toys that have sharp edges and have pointed tips like arrows, swords, guns and so on.

At KinderCart, we wish you have the most pleasurable shopping experience especially for toys for your bundle of joy!!

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