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Guidelines for buying a Pushchair

Quality, comfort, affordability, need and lifestyle are the major points to be considered that have a maximum influence on the buying decisions while planning to shop for your much awaited ‘bundle of joy’.
Just like every pregnancy is different, so are the needs and requirements of the expecting mother, and her expected “little angel”!! So before taking a call on shopping for your small wonder, it is worthwhile to just prioritize the inventory, to make the entire journey from pregnancy to birth and then birth to early childhood stages a smooth one.

At KinderCart, it is our constant endeavor to extend our support in making this lifelong experience of having a baby and shopping for him an unmatched and exceptional one.    

Before buying a push chair

The term “pushchair” that can interchangeably be used for pram, stroller, buggy, or travel chair has different models with slight differences in usage and advantages here and there. Now before we divulge in to the detail about the various models of a pushchair, let us understand what exactly it stands for. 
A pushchair is basically a forward-facing or has reversible seating especially designed for infants which has a strong built but at the same time can be easily folded to carry it anywhere or everywhere for parents’ convenience.  A pushchair is the parent category and mainly consists of: three wheelers, prams, and travel systems.
The availability of wide range of brands, varied designs with slight changes, and quality variations has made it quite troublesome to make the right choice for your child. However, prioritizing the needs, and considering their lifestyles, parents can easily narrow down on their choice.

Parameters to be considered

Keeping the following factors in mind may help taking a wise buying decision:

  • Need/Requirement

Before deciding upon buying a pushchair for your little wonder, just understand the need of a pushchair in your life.
Age of the child: Consider the age of the child for whom the pushchair is meant to be bought.
For infants: All pushchairs are not suitable for newborns. For newborns the pushchair should have a flat and adjustable backrest, attachable carrycot or car seat, reversible seat and the facility to change the direction of the pushchair to let the newborn have a view of the parent and at times, the view of the big wide world, in case the parents need a pushchair for a long term.
Offers smooth ride: In case the parents get tempted to go for a lightweight pushchair, it is essential to consider whether it will still give your baby a comfortable ride.

  • Lifestyle

Check traveling modes: For parents, who frequently use the public transport; a pushchair that is easy to take on/off a bus or train easily is the best option. But in case the parents use their own car to commute, it is advisable to check that the pushchair fits into the car cabin space.
Storage and moving space: Buy a pushchair keeping in mind the storage space that can be made available to it in the house. Also keep in mind the locality and building of the house for smooth ride and back and forth of the pushchair.

  • Budget

Discuss with your partner the amount of money that you can comfortably spend on the pushchair and the significance of the pushchair in your life before buying it.  

Guidelines / Steps to buying a pushchair

Shopping for the ‘bundle of your joy’ is always joyful. However, to make it more enjoyable, KinderCart has set some guidelines that you should follow before you take a final call. In case you have made up your mind to buy a pushchair for the new arrival just make sure that you:

Learn from the experience of other parents: Get in touch with your old classmates, neighbors, friends and relatives who have recently welcomed babies into their lives and are using a pushchair. Learn from their experiences and understand the pros and cons of buying a particular pushchair. 

Explore the latest range of variants: Go for window shopping to explore the latest range of pushchairs, prams, travel chairs or buggies available and understand the varied feature of each one of it. 

Consult your partner while shopping: Ask your partner to test out strollers. It should be convenient for both the parents to use the pushchair.

Do not just go by popular trends: It is a matter of comfort for your child and that of your own. There is no point in spending loads of money on anything that does not meet the desired criteria set out by you and you end up buying the product only because your closest friend recommended it to you. Analyze the utility and comfort of the product as per your needs and then take a final call.

Consider the season of your child’s birth: It is very important to keep in mind the season during which your baby will be born. If the child is to be born in the winter, the requirement would be a warm and cold breeze protected pushchair. In case the child is due to be born in summers than airy and cool colored stuff would be the right choice.

Babies grow very fast: Understand the needs of your child and buy a product that can be used for a longer duration. During the first few months the baby won’t be able to sit. You will either need to purchase a stroller that will grow with your baby (either by reclining positions or by hooking in a car seat), or look for a stroller to use during different times in your baby’s development.
Safety concerns: Check to make sure that the stroller you purchase ensures that the manufacturer adheres to certain safety standards.
Take a test drive: Now that you have figured out your due date, factored in where you live and how you live, and you are ready to buy the perfect stroller, consider the following tips to help you make the best decision for you and your baby:

  • Borrow a pushchair from your friend to test out what you think is the right stroller.
  • Check out manufacturer recall lists to make sure the stroller you’re looking at hasn’t been recalled. Even the priciest models sometimes have problems.
  • Test drive strollers at your local baby superstore, but don’t feel like you have to purchase them there. Once you know what you want, shop for the best price online or suggest it to your friends/relatives as a baby shower gift!


 Your final checklist

  • If it’s easy to fold
  • Is safe and secure for the baby
  • If it is easy to use the brakes
  • If handlebars are adjustable
  • If the basket is big enough to keep things
  • If it is too heavy or too light
  • If it is easy to steer
  • Whether the front and back wheels swivel
  • If the stroller fits into the car’s trunk

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