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GUIDELINES to buy the bathing essentials

Bathing essentialsIn many families, a bath becomes the focus of a nightly bedtime routine. But from a cleanliness perspective, until your baby is crawling around and getting into messes, a bath isn't really necessary more than a few times a week. It's up to you how often you bathe your baby. Some babies love being in the water, and giving your baby a warm bath can become a fun and relaxing ritual.

That's not to say you have to bathe your baby every day. If your baby is newborn, a bath two times or three times a week is enough to keep him clean. . If you're quick with clean diapers and burp cloths, you're already cleaning the parts that really need attention — the face, neck and diaper area.

Bathing a slippery newborn can be a nerve-wracking experience. Your baby might not like it much, either.

So, we here at KinderCart believe that the entire activity of giving bath to a baby should be a pleasant experience where your little one enjoys to the fullest and feels fresh and light enough to take a sound nap after it.

At KinderCart we understand the bathing needs of the child and the parents to give their ‘little heart’ a pleasurable bathing experience. Therefore, KinderCart is a one – stop online bathing solution provider. So before you make wish list for your sweet little heart, explore the range of products available along the buying guide.
Before you buy the bathing essentials

With infinite number of brands and products range available in the market, it is very difficult to take a final call on your buying decision. At KinderCart we are here to guide you to buy products based on your priorities.  

Availability of space: Before you decide to buy anything just make sure that there is adequate space in your bathroom for all the products.

Safety and security of the child: Make sure that the shape and size that you select for bathing products should not be very edgy and sharp as infants are in habit to touching anything or everything that comes in their proximity.

Check the usability: The height of the products should be adequate enough for you to use it properly with comfort and ease.

Streamline the investment: There is no limit to the range of products available under bathing essentials category. Before you make a buying list for bathing essentials do consider your budget and the need of the product.     

Baby Bathing Essentials

Here is the list of some of the bathing essentials for your little angel.

Safety tap covers: These fit over taps, providing protection against bumped heads and preventing curious babies and toddlers from playing with the hot water tap.

Bath mats: It prevents slipping in the bath. Extra long bath mats are ideal for bathing more than one child.

Bath toys: There are all sorts! You can buy everything from simple pouring toys to water slides and even bath mobiles.

Bath toy bags: Attach to bathroom tiles and keep all your baby's toys in one place.

Baby bath towels: It often has hoods that are handy to keep your baby's head warm when he comes out of the bath. They look very cute and are a nice gift for young babies.

Toiletries: As tempting as it is to buy a whole host of baby toiletries, you probably only need a few items. Newborn babies can be bathed in plain water. Some people like to use mild baby bath or baby liquid soap in the water. A mild baby shampoo could help to avoid hair washing trouble. A washer over your baby’s eyes at shampoo time can help too. If your baby's skin seems a little dry, you can apply mild baby lotion or baby oil after the bath.

Guidelines to buy bathing essentials for kids

At KinderCart we are not just offering you the range of products for your kids bathing essentials but we also provide a complete guide for you to follow while selecting the products for your little heart.

Child’s age: The most important step to consider before making a buying decision is the age of your child. The new born needs special attention and the range of products should be really very selective and doctor’s advice can be sought in case it’s a first baby of the family. For toddlers, products with cartoon characters and bright in colors are the best option. 

Lifestyle and living environment: Understand your requirements, living environment and the accommodation and space that are available to you for storage.

Protection against accidents: Before you take a final call on the products for bathing of your little wonder do keep in mind that babies are very delicate to handle. As water is involved in bathing so there is a need to guard against slipping and falling down for you as well as for your baby.

Longevity matters: Investing in kids products is an expensive business. You will be spending your hard earned money for buying the products. Do check the durability and quality of the product before you take a final call. Moreover, as kids are involved so they tend to use the products carelessly.

Be careful while buying toiletries: The skin of the infants is very delicate and special attention is required while you purchase the soaps, shampoos, towels, creams and diapers for your babies. Only buy products made especially for infants and in case of any rashes or skin allergies, consult your doctor immediately. 

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