Child Alert Locator

Child Alert Locator

Style # ELF-CL305
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Technology to the rescue!

Keep your child within earshot at all times with this revolutionary device that uses a small keychain transmitter and a teddy bear- shaped reciever which mounts easilly to your childs shoe or belt.It is an easy to use and stylish tracking system that uses it's own radio frequency to help you track your child up to 150 feet away. That is about half the length of a football field. The CL305 features a distance proximeter, so if your child wanders off approximately 30 feet from you and your keychain transmitter, the new ALERT feature will cause your remote keychain transmitter to chirp, alerting you that your child is out of sight. Then you simply press the button on your keychain transmitter to wirelessly set off the 90db alarm on your childs teddy bear transmitter and locate your child and attract attention to the situation your child may be facing!